Sunday 14th October 2012 – Firing a Blueberry

Our style of eating may be far from pretty, but we have never spattered the computer screen with blueberry juice. Up until now my Mistress has forgotten to take the blueberries out of the freezer until just before she wanted to eat them. On this occasion she was priding herself that they were fully defrosted. Therein lay her error. If you put your tooth through a particularly large defrosted blueberry there is a jet of juice fired forwards. If you are sitting at your desk when it happens, is it any wonder that the dictionary, keyboard, screen, desk and your notes get covered in blueberry juice? You would think the moral of this story is that you should be careful not to bite into a particularly large blueberry, but my Mistress has taken it to be that it is better to eat partially frozen blueberries rather than fully thawed ones.

I’m going to say this really quietly as I don’t want to upset my Mistress, but when she had coffee the other day she was then poorly so she’s back off the coffee and she’s just hoping that it was a rogue event and not caused by the coffee. She’s going to wait another week before trying it again and in the meantime will add some other food stuffs back into her diet. It is not going according to plan! She is probably the hardest person to take out anywhere at the moment. That’s good from our point of view as she is spending all her time at home with us instead and that has to be good.

It’s a nice quiet Sunday today. The most exciting thing will be when my Master goes round with the weedkiller and we have to stay indoors until it dries. The only problem is that he seems to be quite enjoying killing things and we are worried he’s going to start on the plants next.

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