Monday 15th October 2012 – A funny thing

It’s autumn. It’s already the middle of October. So why are all the leaves still attached to the trees. Last year they started falling off in August, but this year most of the ones on the trees at the bottom of our garden haven’t even started to change colour. I’m sure if I knew how to read these things I’d find it meant something important about the weather patterns we can expect over the next year, but I’m sure I don’t have the first idea. Being a bit of a bah humbug sort of a dog, rather than looking and thinking how nice it is that the trees will not be so bare for so long, I have in mind something of a concern that they are all going to come down at once and create a terrible mess. Or worse, we’ll have windy weather while they are still too firmly attached to the tree and the whole tree will come down. Then where would we be? I’m guessing from a dog peeing perspective the tree coming down is the worst scenario. You can never have enough trees to pee up, that’s what I say.

I’m not behaving very well at the moment. I’m suffering some sever bouts of jealousy and voicing it the only way I know how, by barking. The problem is that with Ari sleeping upstairs I don’t always get my morning cuddles. If I get into bed with my Mistress then Ari decides to jump on the bed and wakes our master and that does not go down well. It has meant my Mistress gets up or simply tells me to go back to bed. Yesterday wasn’t so bad as she went back to bed when she went up for a shower, just so she could give me a cuddle. I need it every day though. I’m feeling a little displaced.

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