Tuesday 16th October 2012 – My please have been heard

At last my Mistress has understood that I’m jealous because I’m not getting enough attention. I used to have her all to myself, for the first 2 and a half years of my life. Then there was only me and Shadow and Shadow had James so it was ok. The trouble started when Megan moved in just over two years ago. When Aristotle was small it was ok with him as he wasn’t a rival and I was lulled into a false sense of security thinking he was cute. The problem is that he’s now a year old and he’s still cute. He’s still the puppy and it’s wearing thin. What with the girls being pampered through their pregnancies too, it can get to a chap after a while. I’ve been getting more and more moody until finally, my Mistress sat down with me to discuss the situation. We’ve come to a bit of an understanding. She will make more time for me on my own if I will just tone down the moody behaviour. It’s worth a try. It will be my seventh birthday soon and I’m not getting any younger. I need to feel special as I take on the role of senior dog in the household. I’m just glad we’ve talked about it now because by the time the puppies come along there’s going to be precious little time to have our little heart to hearts then. I’m also hoping having the chat just three weeks or so before my birthday might actually mean it translates into some lovely presents. Although all I really want is some time for a cuddle and being made a fuss of. I’m not so different to other kids when it comes down to it.

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