Wednesday 17th October 2012 – You have to paw it to her…

Megan can be one fast dog when she wants to be. There’s no messing. My Mistress had taken me out of the way so that I didn’t get pounced on, while my Master got the girls from the utility, where they had been while everyone was out and back to the lounge. He had turned his back for a matter of seconds, but that was long enough for Megan to take a massive chunk out of the turkey breast that was cooling on the side in the kitchen, waiting to be carved for the freezer. She must have simply stood up, opened her mouth, chomped a large chunk out of it and carried on as though nothing had happened. She even had my Master retracing his steps to work out at what moment he’d taken his eyes off her. Fortunately for my Mistress although the turkey had been pulled towards the edge of the work surface it was only teetering on the brink and hadn’t actually fallen onto the floor. Sadly for me and Aristotle we were supervised at all times and the turkey was carved and frozen before any further crime could befall it.

My Mistress has been watching a programme about the relationship between dogs and humans. Most of it I had already explained to her over the years, but there were bits that even I found interesting about the differences between ourselves and our ancient ancestors. We don’t need expensive research to tell us that we can communicate a whole range of emotions with our humans. We do it every day. Her watching of the programme did get a little disjointed as every time a dog barked in the programme we had to join in and with four of us you can imagine how that sounds. You only have to hear Aristotle wailing like a baby when he wants a cuddle to know we use different noises for different things.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Addie says:

    Hi Alfie
    Did I see you on Haven this week? Or maybe it was a relative but I definitely saw an Entlebucher on Haven series 3 ep 2.
    Let me know if it was you.

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