Sunday 21st October 2012 – A horse, a horse, my apple for a horse

Given that my Mistress is now successfully eating both apples and oats I have drawn the conclusion that she may be turning into a horse. I suggested this to her, but rather predictably she said ‘Neigh’.

I have to thank you for the wonderful suggestions for names. Having said that, do you think calling a puppy Chaos might be asking for trouble? It’s a name I fear he or she might grow into and really feel the need to get into the character for. It doesn’t take much. Aristotle’s a fairly placid puppy and yet my Master has now names him ‘Red Rum’ for his steeplechasing abilities at 6.45 in the morning across the bed and round until someone stops him. Sadly at that time of day, although my Mistress can just about cope with it, my Master doesn’t have quite so much bounce as Aristotle and doesn’t take it too well. If the amount that Megan wants to eat is anything to go by she will be pregnant with a big litter. I think she’s on some sort of challenge and is crying for her food earlier and earlier. I can just about hang on until it’s time, but Megan is finding that very difficult. Maybe Tuesday will be good news all round. I do hope for both the girls’ sakes that it is, otherwise there are going to be a few tears and tantrums. And that’s just from my Mistress! I will, as always, take it all in my stride and be ready to console whoever needs consolation – as long as they don’t decide to take it out on me we’ll be all right. Mind you with everything else going on, we’re going to be awfully busy!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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