Monday 22nd October 2012 – Sniffing the air

Yesterday was one of those days that could occur in no other season than autumn. It was mild, misty and with leaves gently tumbling off the trees. It was one of those days that a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do and in my case that was sniff the air. I’m normally fairly good at only asking to go out when I really need to or when Ari says he needs to. For the most part I am happy to sit on the settee and gaze at the world through glass. Yesterday, I was not that dog at all. I was the dog who every time they had come back in realised there might have been a scent or two that I hadn’t quite discerned and that just maybe I needed another five minutes on the patio sniffing the air. I would feel content that I had gained everything there was to gain and ask to come in. Then no sooner had my Mistress sat down again than I changed my mind and wanted to go out. This went on for most of the morning until my Mistress called ‘time’ on my antics and left me sitting outside a good deal longer than I had intended on that trip. She was right, that did help to break the spell and I much happier to stay in the warmth after that.

By the end of the day I wish I had stayed outside. My Mistress was trying to sort out some paperwork which was all to do with how the outside of our breed should look and she was checking to make sure that the descriptive language being used adequately reflected how we really look. After that it was ‘Come here, Alfie. No, walk slowly towards me and hold your tail up. Now walk back the other way. How would you describe how far your back legs are apart?’ ‘Er they’re just my legs. I don’t tend to describe them.’ It’s odd when you find your appearance being documented down to how long you keep your hair and whether your eyes are light or dark brown.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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  1. Sage says:

    I’m playin’ catch-up, Alfie, and it sounds like something’s about to happen at your house! Well, maybe a bit more than describing your tail. I describe mine as ‘fluffy’…does that count?

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