Wednesday 24th October 2012 – A story of two parts

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear the results of the scans so I’ll start with the good news. Shadow is definitely pregnant. Not only did my Mistress see the dark shapes of the formed puppies but she saw one all curled up and one that was wriggling like mad and she could see the little heartbeats. She said it was very emotional. Shadow is expecting at least five puppies but the vet thinks there might be rather more. Then it was Megan’s turn. Sadly the vet couldn’t see any puppies growing inside Megan. She is going to have another scan in a week, just in case it was too early to see, but the vet said Megan should be prepared for the news that once again she isn’t going to be having puppies. My Mistress is starting to wonder if Megan likes pretending as an excuse to be pampered and given more food. My friend Tino the rabbit has even suggested we should check under her pillow to make sure she isn’t taking the doggie equivalent of the pill. If you saw the sadness in Megan’s eyes you wouldn’t really accuse her of doing that, although if I were being uncharitable the sadness might be because she is now on a diet as she’d put weight on which turns out not to be puppies!

When she came back, my Mistress started to prepare Shadow’s room so that she can be comfortable in the weeks leading up to the birth and be used to her whelping box again. She’s got her bed in it at the moment so it’s nice and comfy for her. It does also mean she will be a tv star and as Megan had already had her tv debut it does seem fair that Shadow will get the limelight.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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