Thursday 25th October 2012 – It’s the wolf!

Sadly this is no cartoon with a character running round shouting ‘It’s the wolf, it’s the wolf’ nor is it the children’s production that my Mistress helped with the other day, it is a possible explanation for why poor Megan isn’t going to have any puppies. In the wild it is the alpha female who gets to have the puppies. The others are just bystanders, part of the pack but not good enough to have a family of their own. In our house Shadow is the alpha female, well to be honest she’s outright pack leader amongst us dogs and no one but no one messes with her. My Mistress is wondering if that is having an effect on Megan’s hormones. She has her seasons but may not ovulate as if we were in the wild she wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to have puppies. It is all well and good identifying a possible cause for the problem and a friend had warned my Mistress that it can happen when you have one very dominant female, but it’s altogether another question finding a solution to the problem. They probably need to live apart for a while, but for how long and which of them should move out. I suggested they could both move out so I could get some peace and quiet but unfortunately I was shouted down so that’s not going to be happening.

The second problem at the moment is that Megan is now on a diet. She is not happy. She had been using the possibility of puppies as an excuse for saying she was hungrier than normal. She says it’s not her fault that she’s not pregnant and that’s certainly true, but comfort eating is not the answer. I have of course offered to make it easier by eating some of her food for her.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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