Sunday 28th October 2012 – Shadow is getting large

My Mistress says that her best guess of Shadow’s due date is around 18th November. She doesn’t think it will be before the 16th. That is now only three weeks away. Shadow is getting very large already, although looking back at a picture of her at 49 days last year, which would be the end of this week, she was definitely waddling by then. She is either going to have five very large puppies or a lot more of reasonable sizes. I just hope they are healthy. That’s all we can really ask. Of course, I did think I might run a book, taking bets on the number she has and the order of boys and girls. I wonder if she will have any more twins this time. If she does we want to send them to homes where they might grow up seeing each other. It’s sad that Rafa and Amigo live so far apart. It would be so much fun to see them play together again. I was going to take Shadow’s picture to show you how good she’s looking but she’s none too thrilled about what the pregnant look does to her figure and got quite cross with me. I’ll have to creep up on her when she isn’t looking. There’s not much point in her getting camera shy now when she’s going to be on film 24 hours a day when the puppies arrive.

On the names front I wanted to call another puppy after a philosopher beginning with ‘B’ but we couldn’t find a good one, so that idea is out. I think the most intelligent looking should be called Beethoven this time. To be fair, my Mistress can’t bear to wait to name them. She doesn’t like them being puppy 1, puppy 2 etc not even for a few hours. She has the list ready in order for when the girls arrive and when the boys do and then each one is given his or her name right from being born. It’s too soon to tell you what they are, but I might soon.

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