Tuesday 30th October 2012 – You live and learn

A very strange thing happened yesterday. My Mistress had an allergic reaction to something. She started coming out in a rash on her hand and then it began to spread to the rest of her body. That’s not the strange bit, although she did look fairly strange. Anyway both of the souls of her feet started itching really badly. It was the same spot on each foot. She has never been a believer in reflexology but she had an odd thought. Which organ of the body did that particular spot supposedly correspond to? Amazingly it turned out to be the small intestine, which was exactly where the problems seemed to be emanating from. She is now rather less sceptical about reflexology and has very sore feet from all the scratching.

We really are into the countdown to the puppies now. The puppy starter food has been ordered so that Shadow can move onto that and get used to it in time for the arrival of the little mites. It’s the food they will move onto. It mean not only will they get all the nutrients through their mum’s milk but they will be more able to digest the food as they’ll be used to it.

Megan is going off for her follow up scan this morning. No one is holding out much hope of her being pregnant as by now we would think it would be showing. She would only be a few days behind Shadow and she’s huge. I feel kind of sad for Megan. She’d love to have all the attention that Shadow will get. I said to her, “you’ll make a great mother one day, it’s just not the right time for you.” Sadly she didn’t seem that cheered by my comments.

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