Wednesday 31st October 2012 – An update on Megan

Well dear little Megan went off for her repeat scan yesterday. Sadly she is definitely not pregnant. It’s funny, last week my Mistress was quite convinced she wasn’t but just yesterday had allowed herself to start thinking that it might just be possible that she was. It isn’t to be. Megan is very upset, not least because that is the end of her food supplements for a while and she did rather like the yoghurt that my Mistress mixed it in to make it taste nice. She shouldn’t be too down. I heard my Mistress on the phone later on yesterday and it is just possible that Megan might get to have a longer holiday in Switzerland so she can be all relaxed and pampered before going back to the stud dog. In the meantime she is very fed up, not least because her stomach doesn’t cope with the clock change very well.

The clock change is not made any easier for the family for the fact that the vast majority of clocks around the house are still set to last week’s time. How is a dog supposed to know what is what when one clock in the kitchen is correct, three are an hour out and one is in its own little world because the battery needs changing? It wouldn’t be so bad if the radio controlled clock was right, but it can’t get a signal where it is so still thinks we are on summer time. Given it is the clock on the weather station and all its other signals are clearly telling it that summer is long gone, you’d think it would work out the time thing for itself!

We need to get ready for Halloween. There are pumpkins to carve and I need to find a scary outfit to frighten the children with when they call trick or treating later. I did want to make a big sign with lots of blood dripping from it saying ‘Zombie free zone’ and hang it on the front door, but I think I may have been vetoed in case it really does scare people!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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