Friday 2nd November 2012 – Ari is doing well

The boy done good. Ari saw the physiotherapist before his swimming yesterday and she is really pleased with him. She says he doesn’t need to do his exercises on his wobble cushion now but might like to try going for little walks each day on grass. He can only go for 5 to 10 minute walks, so not far but it will be nice for the little fellow to go and have a sniff at the outside world on a regular basis. It’s a bit of a pain that he will have to get in the car to get there every day, but I’m sure he won’t mind that too much. Some days I’m going to go with him and we can have a bit of fun together. He was so pleased having been told he was doing well that he really threw himself into his swimming and did much better than he has done any other week. He was pushing off from the side on his own and even swimming against the jets to get to the toy that he had to pick up and swim back with. As you can see from the photo he rather wore himself out and his been lying in this position, or one fairly similar, for the whole time since he got home. Don’t be deceived he’ll be bright as a button at about 5am when the rest of us want to sleep.

It was only us dogs and our Mistress last night. You can imagine what kind of evening that was. We couldn’t go to bed too early as the girls sleep downstairs but then when we did go to bed Ari and I got into bed with our Mistress and snuggled up, one either side of her. It was doggy heaven as far as I was concerned. It’s going to be a good weekend too, although obviously there are the fireworks to think about and please remember to keep your dogs inside, Ari and I are going to see our maternal grandparents for the day on Saturday and of course will be spoilt rotten. As I typed that first bit, as if to underling the importance of keeping your dogs in, someone let several rockets off really near our house and made Aristotle jump. Why can’t people just have the pretty fireworks that make lots of sparkly shapes and not bother with the ones that go bang?

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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