Sunday 4th November 2012 – Fireworks

So much for being scared of fireworks, when we got back last night Aristotle kept pestering me to take him out to watch the fireworks. I explained our job was to stay inside and look after my Mistress she was scared. He kept jumping up and down at the window shouting “Did you see that?” Then running to tell everyone about what it looked like. I suppose he was too young to really remember last year when all his brothers were still here and they just snuggled down together and didn’t pay any attention to them.

We’d had a great time seeing our grandparents. We came back with loads more newspapers for Shadow and the puppies. I think my Mistress is going to put some under the whelping pen too to lift it off the floor and make sure it stays nice and warm. By the time we got back my Mistress was quite tired from the driving and I must say the travelling left both me and Ari sleepy. He did struggle understanding that he wasn’t allowed on the settee at our grandparents. He said he was only trying to get closer to Granny and it seemed silly when there was an empty place next to her to have to sit on the floor.

It’s funny thinking that it will be Discover Dogs at Earls Court at the end of this week and none of us is going. With Shadow being only days away from giving birth we decided it would be best that we stood back this time. Fortunately there are plenty of our breed going and Dora and Rafa, Ari’s sister and brother, will be there as well as lots of others. Have a great time everyone. Tell us all about it when you get back.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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