Tuesday 6th November 2012 – One hormonal dog

Boy it’s going to be a long two weeks. Shadow is tired, irritable and very hormonal. She’s not too bad around the house but when it’s time to go for a walk she is very hard work. For a start she’s just a tiny bit too excited to be manageable and when she meets another dog – well! Let’s just say at the moment she is being very protective of anywhere she regards as being her territory, however remotely connected she is. The sight of a strange dog and she develops the strength of a tractor and he aggression of, well I don’t really know what to compare her to. My Mistress is almost at the point of grounding her but wants her to be fit and strong for giving birth. I think she may have to be walked separately from Megan when my Mistress has to take them both out on her own. Either that or my Mistress needs some arm supports to give her arms at their current length rather than the length that Shadow is trying to stretch them to.

I don’t need telling twice to keep out of her way. I have taken up residence as close to my Mistress’s feet as I can get without being trodden on. I got it wrong earlier and did get trodden on, but fortunately not too hard. Ari can stick up for himself, but then I suppose he is his mother’s son in that regard and he did start life being slam dunked across the room by his mother to put him in his place, which only served to toughen him up, so I might be better to just hide behind him. Perhaps he could be my very own security dog – a sort of bodyguard of the dog world.

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