Wednesday 7th November 2012 – It’s all about numbers

I heard yesterday that a friend of ours, Bella, gets very protective of her bones and wants to hide the one she has so that it’s safe. In our house, there are so many bones lying about that you fall over them…literally. Every so often you hear a shout from my Mistress, often followed by the sound of clattering as she trips down several stairs and closely followed by loud unrepeatable language. You just know, that once again Aristotle has left one of his bones or antlers somewhere it can be a prime tripping hazard. I’ve often thought of trying to reassemble the bones into some sort of animal skeleton and see what we’ve been gnawing on. We don’t have a skull, not that I’ve noticed anyway, so it would be headless and probably missing one or two more bodyparts. I could write my own horror story based around the bones, but then Ari probably wouldn’t sleep at night so perhaps I’d better not.

I feel rather guilty tucked up in the warm at the moment. The father of a friend of ours went missing on Saturday morning and hasn’t yet been found. He was in hospital being treated for encephalitis which seems to have left him confused and he simply walked out of the hospital and kept walking. He’s been out in the cold for the last few days, without so much as a coat. It’s hard to know where to look to find someone. I remember how I felt when Bella went missing. I can only begin to think how much worse it must be when it’s your own father. It is everyone’s worst nightmare to lose a member of their family and have no idea where they are to be able to help them. There is a facebook group if can help with displaying posters and spreading the word.

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