Thursday 8th November 2012 – Ari’s swimming

Well, Aristotle did not want to go swimming yesterday. Not one little bit. After how well he did last week, my Mistress really hoped he’d be happy to go again. However, as soon as he got out of the front door he put his little backside down on the floor as firmly as he could and refused to move. My Mistress had to pick him up and carry him to the car and physically push him in. Then when he got there he wouldn’t collect the toy he’s supposed to pick up each time. He tried to get out. He did everything he could not to take part and at one point even rolled over and floundered in the water in attempt to gain sympathy for his cause. It did not work. He was still made to do his exercises and will be going again next week. It’s funny given he’s such a good swimmer that he doesn’t really want to go.

It has suddenly dawned on my Mistress that she needs to bring her bed downstairs this weekend. She will start sleeping in with Shadow from early next week. It has all rather crept up on us and now it really won’t be very long. Shadow is taking it in her stride. She’s rather large and saggy in places and not looking forward to having her temperature taken on a regular basis for the next week or so. She has said can’t we just leave that stage out, as no one likes a thermometer stuck up their rear end, but my Mistress is insisting it is in her own good. I’ll say one thing for Shadow, her coat is really very shiny again. This pregnancy thing seems to suit her. She says she’d enjoy the whole process if it weren’t for the inconvenient undercarriage that trails after her.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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