Friday 9th November 2012 – The whelping room is ready

The excitement is mounting here. We all agree that Shadow is not as big as last year. I did ask her to pose for a photo but she had other ideas. She isn’t as wide but more rounded underneath. It will be interesting to see how many she has this time. We helped my Mistress get everything out ready. Whilst my Mistress checked the batteries in the thermometer and the scales, Ari was getting excited seeing the first toys he played with last year. We’ve still got five little collars so we’ll wait to see how many there are before we order any more of those. My Mistress went out shopping for a couple of bits but it was only a partly successful trip. She did manage to buy a large piece of lino to go under the puppy pen without any joins and which is fairly smooth so easier to clean than the rubber one was. She had less success with the vet bed as the place we bought it from before doesn’t sell it off the roll anymore. She came home and ordered some for delivery. The good thing was that not only was it cheaper but she managed to get some in purple. Oh those poor puppies. They are going to open their eyes for the first time and see a lilac-purple piece of vet-bed. I suggested that green would be calming, but my Mistress was concerned they would mistake it for grass and not want to pee on grass when they go outside. I could see her point.

Megan went out helping in the search for the missing man yesterday. She scrambled through all sorts of brambles, nettles and thickets looking but didn’t have any luck. She might be going again today, I’m waiting to find out. I wish I could go but I’m not built for that sort of thing the way Megan is.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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