Saturday 10th November 2012 – Being nice to Megan

Yesterday, Megan came back from searching for our friend’s missing father covered in mud. She’d walked through bogs, brambles, nettles branches and all sorts. She was sorry to say that she did her best but still to no avail. Where we live is very rural and there are woods and hedgerows all over the place. It is impossible, even with all the police search teams and hundreds of volunteers to cover all of the ground. Meg asked if she could go out again today but we are expecting visitors so it isn’t possible. I’m going to be especially nice to her all weekend to show her how much I appreciate her trying. I wish I could join in the search but the last thing my Mistress needs is a dog that needs rescuing as well. Megan said she hoped her dad would be proud of her. I said I was sure he would be.

It’s reached that time in Shadow’s pregnancy where I have to be ok about her sitting right by my Mistress’s feet the whole time. It’s not too bad. I’ve got the blue chair which was always my favourite and Ari has the settee. I’m guessing I’m going to be seeing a lot of the chair over the coming weeks if I’m going to sleep in it. We just need to decide where Megan sleeps. I do hope she isn’t going to be in the office with me and Ari. I’ll never sleep if I have to keep an eye on where she is. I think my Mistress may let me sleep in with her and Shadow for the early part of next week before the puppies are born. I shall appreciate that as I know how much I felt displaced last year.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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