Friday 16th November 2012 – All quiet

I’m writing this just before going to bed. Shadow is restless and looking at my Mistress with a pleading look. We don’t think it will be long but then again it could be another day or two. Annie’s Mistress is arriving to stay with us tonight (Thursday) as she wants to be here for the birth to learn ready for when Annie has her puppies. Our friend Avril is sleeping with her phone by the bed, set to a loud ring tone so we can call her out when it all begins and I have been relegated to sleeping in the office so that I am not in the way when anything does begin.

My Mistress has a list of people she has to contact if everything begins. Firstly she needs to find a way to wake my Master, which can be difficult at the best of times. We are really hoping it doesn’t start at night as we probably can’t get in touch with to set the camera to live and it would be lovely for everyone to share in the opening scenes as the puppies enter the world.

I’m keeping my computer on and by my bed just in case I need to bring you updates.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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