Saturday 17th November 2012 – Granddad’s Birthday

Happy birthday, Granddad. He’s amazing and he’s 87 today. We all love him very much. It would really make Granddad’s day if the puppies were to arrive today. It would also make my day if no one bit me today. Oh, I know it was all a misunderstanding. Aristotle got a bit too playful with his mum and when she turned to tell him off she got me instead. I know she’s hormonal, but it really hurt and it left me in quite a nervous state for the rest of the day.  My Mistress soothed me and applied Germolene to the wound. Aristotle felt really guilty so he spent ages washing the wound, that was before the Germolene.

There was a brief point at teatime when my Mistress thought it was just possible that Shadow had a contraction, but when nothing more happened she concluded that she may only have been breathing. So as I write this, once again we are all off to bed for the night and thankfully because I was so upset my Mistress has said I can sleep in with her, but on condition that at the first sign of action I will leave the room so I’m not in the way. I promised. I just want to cuddle up to her and feel secure and loved.

What is funny about the delay is that it has given my Mistress the opportunity to do heaps of work that she wasn’t expecting to, so at least she feels on top of things. It never stays like that for long!

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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