Sunday 18th November 2012 – Sorry Granddad

As I write this it looks very unlikely that Shadow is going to be having her puppies on Granddad’s birthday. She is looking more and more ready and the puppies do look as though they have moved into position. One piece of good news today has been my Mistress finding something that Shadow really did want to eat. Best mince with oats and oat milk. To be fair we all wanted to eat it but Shadow refused to share. It does mean that having stocked up from the butchers, my Mistress might be off out buying some more very soon.

Right at the start my Mistress said she thought the day would be Sunday the 18th so at least if it happens today she will have the pleasure of being right. At that point of course I won’t be around for her to tell me as it’s the last thing anyone wants to hear.

I’ve almost got over the incident from Friday and am being a little less clingy than I was. My wound appears to be healing nicely, but there is going to be a big scab for a while. I am keeping away from anyone’s teeth for a while in the interest of safety.

Well my Mistress is off to bed again and wondering if she can have as good a night’s sleep as she had last night or whether Shadow has plans to make it an all-night party. I’m hoping that it won’t be as I do like my sleep and being close to my Mistress and I will be banished from the room.

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