Sunday 18th November – 9pm

Well Shadow having turned her nose up at everything has happily eaten our Mistress’s tea and is now sleeping .  She only dozes for a minute or two then gets up and pants and turns round, digs at the  bedding, gets comfortable and dozes again. She’s looking happy but  isn’t really any further forward than she was earlier. I might try the camera out by doing a littler video of her with my next posting. Of course if the puppies start coming I’ll be back sooner. I was watching one of the videos from last year and it was funny as it was one with sound and Shadow perked up no end. I had to stop watching it as it seemed cruel.

What was nice is that she heard from the puppies’ dad today saying he’s thinking of her. It would be better if he could be here in dogson to hold her paw, but the fact that he’s thinking of her is lovely too.

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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