5.05 Say hello to Bumble

Having been to the vet for a check on the first 4 puppies and an injection for Shadow, we have another little boy arrived at 5.05. Bumble, named after the dog on wheels my mistress had as a child, is doing well. He’s busily feeding while being given a wash by his mother.

The other 4 have been declared fit and healthy.

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5 Responses to 5.05 Say hello to Bumble

  1. lizbpoet says:

    Wow, hope his second name is going to be ‘Fiver’ ! What a shame you haven’t got to ‘F’!

  2. liz young says:

    Welcome to all five. Should I post the TB story on here?

  3. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    Congratulations Shadow!! You have 5 lovely puppies. Well done to all the “delivery team” , the midwives, the photographers, computer expert and not forgetting the chief reporter Alfie. You must all be very tired but delighted.
    We have been glued to the screen all day, it made me get the housework done in double quick time so we could keep up to date with developements. Hope you have a well deserved rest this evening.Sheila and Mark Leighton

  4. Bella says:

    Great work everyone! It’s been a very exciting day!

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