Tuesday 9.50am – The story so far

What a morning. Shadow is being very protective of her newborn pups. VERY protective. I said good morning to her this morning by the back door and she flew at me. I was extremely upset and a little physically hurt. I know she’s hormonal but that is not acceptable behaviour.

She has had a lovely email from her brother, Rocky, which is now living in Jakarta, wishing her and his new nieces and nephews well. We’ve written to the puppies dad to tell him the good news of their arrival.

So what about the pups themselves? So far they are all doing well. Britannia is the character of the pack. She squeals, and chirrups almost constantly, even when eating. She is also a little porker and has had the biggest weight gain since yesterday having added a massive 54g. Last year on day 1 Aristotle added just 2g, whilst the least this year was Boadicea at 26g. Thankfully Shadow seems to have plenty of milk and we really hope that continues as it takes a lot of the worry out of it.

They are just off to the vet for their dew claw removal. I’ll give you another update later on,

You can watch the puppies at http://www.dogsclub.tv/live-puppy-cam

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