Wednesday 21st 4pm – Five become celebrities and Britannia

Well when I wrote to you this morning I had no idea what direction the day was going to take. The Famous Five really are famous. Today not only have they been broadcasting live on, but they have been interviewed for ITV regional news and should be on at 6pm this evening. And as if that isn’t enough they are in the York Press newspaper. Aristotle and I had the ignominy of sitting in the car while the tv interview was going on so we didn’t join in a chorus of barking in the background. I really can’t think why the reporter thought that might be a problem! Shadow was as good as gold and smiled to camera as she was requested to. The puppies were as photogenic as you can imagine and my poor Mistress wishes that her first ever tv interview hadn’t been when she was missing rather so much sleep. At least the newspaper photograph was not one taken on the day!

Britannia was the first born. She was a breached birth and Shadow wasn’t pushing very hard. My Mistress had to assist and was terrified she was going to get it wrong. Fortunately she didn’t and little Britannia, the comedienne of the pack arrived, had a wriggle and then with a little encouragement got straight down to eating, which, except when she’s singing, she has been doing ever since. Appropriately, her photo was taken with her eating!

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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