Thursday 5pm, – You’d think it would be easy

All my Mistress had to do was bring you a link to the tv coverage yesterday. How hard could it be? We cannot find anywhere on the internet with a play it again facility for that programme. Ok, she thought, she’d record it using her iPhone off the tv and upload it to YouTube. Her first attempt was very good. The picture was good and steady, but sadly the sound was overshadowed by Aristotle and I munching into some chews while sitting next to her as she recorded. Her second attempt involved her phone going off in the middle and stopping the recording. Attempt number three worked fine. All she has to do now was upload it. On the Windows side of her computer it plays fine, as long as you stand on your head. She couldn’t find any way to turn it round. On the Mac side of her computer 1) she can’t find where it has stored the file 2)the sound quality is not so good 3) it won’t upload to YouTube as there is a formatting error. So all in all less than successful. I did take a rather nice photo of Britannia lying on her back though, so you’ll have to make do with that. I also took one of Bossanova eating. Bossanova had his own special moment on camera this morning. He had the chance to wave to his prospective owner, Tino the Rabbit, live on air. Tino has been very excited about getting his own puppy and as long as Bossanova signs up to being a placid dog then he will be having the opportunity to live with Tino. I know Tino was thrilled and Bossanova seemed very happy too, although he can’t actually see Tino yet. You can watch the puppies at Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK – You can find short stories to read at

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