Friday 23rd November 2012 – How the days fly by

My Mistress is uncertain how long to leave the roll bars in place. The problem is that at a certain point they can become more of a danger than a help. If yesterday is anything to go by they can also lead to some very funny situations. One of the puppies went to sleep yesterday around a roll bar and grew so much that he then struggled to get out and had to call for help. Coming back out the way you went in, while good advice normally doesn’t really allow for just how much a puppies shape and size can change in an hour or two after a good meal.

Britannia is determined not to be left behind when it comes to size. She can be found eating long after all the others have rolled off for a sleep. She’s a lovely little thing but I think the home she goes to will need to keep their food supplies locked out of her reach. I just hope she doesn’t team up with Aristotle as she gets bigger as then we would be really in trouble.

Bumble and Beethoven are both hoping to become stud and show dogs. There is a long way to go yet, but so far they are looking good. It’s hard to know too much at this age as their marking will develop quite a bit over the coming weeks and we need to make sure their tails don’t curl too far too. They have both said they are excited about the possibility though so it’s a good start.

Boadicea is perhaps the most special. If she grows up to be as beautiful as her mum then she will be going to live with Megan’s mum in Switzerland. There couldn’t be a home more devoted to the breed than the one she will go to so we are all hoping that things work out for her. The most exciting thing for us if it does is that she will get to stay with us for a few extra weeks when the others leave. If she goes there they want to call her Beija, so we are going to give her a double barrelled name, just in case.

And at last we have found it online – this was Wednesday’s tv interview HERE

You can watch the puppies at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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One Response to Friday 23rd November 2012 – How the days fly by

  1. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    Hi Alfie, thank you for your regular updates on the puppies. It is good to know you are keeping a close eye on all that is happening. We are really enjoying watching the web cam, such a lovely opportunity to see the puppies while so young, We feel really lucky.
    Congratulations to your Mistress on her TV appearance. Thank you for passing on the link. Best wishes to you all, Sheila and Mark .

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