Friday 9am weigh in and update

Well my Mistress will be attempting to avoid the camera today. She has a swollen eye for no particular reason of which she is aware, unless you include the sort throat! And is feeling quite sorry for herself.  If you see her when she’s cleaning out the pen or moving the puppies just don’t tell her as she is not feeling very photogenic.

Shadow, on the other paw is thriving and really enjoying being able to nurse and take care of the puppies. She has been talking to us about how frustrated she felt last year when she didn’t feel so well and hadn’t got enough milk. She says this year she really wants to make the most of her little family. It’s been wonderful seeing them cuddling up to her. Although the point yesterday when Britannia crept up inside her ear and then started singing was a moment that tested Shadow’s patience.

We can’t help but think it’s a good job that Megan isn’t pregnant as she’d have been giving birth about now and in all honesty one set of puppies is enough for anyone, especially me. I’ve been missing my Mistress like crazy and am now starting to enjoy that when Shadow wants a short break I can at least start to spend a few minutes at a time with her. I know it won’t be for too long and I’m really looking forward to when I’m allowed nearer to the puppies to see them. I’m a bit old softie when it comes to things like that.

Weight gains are between 54g for Britannia and 76g for Bossanova. Bumble is still heaviest at 752g. Boadicea is still the lightest but at 642g she put on another 66g so is doing really well. They are running on average about 4 days ahead of last year’s litter and Bumble is 10 days ahead of where Aristotle was last year. In fact he is the weight my Mistress started to relax a bit and think the risk of being rolled on was certainly much reduced. At this rate another day or so and the others will be at the same point. It doesn’t mean she stops monitoring them so closely it just means she worries less. She’s already admitted she can’t see herself going back to her own bedroom just yet. She loves every minute of the puppies and likes being close by in case they need her. She just needs to sort out some lighting that will mean the camera works but isn’t quite so intrusive.

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