Friday – afternoon

Shadow has reached the stage of not wanting to spend all her time in the pen. She’s being very good and as soon as the puppies starting calling for their next meal she goes back to feed them. Then when they have all had enough and rolled off asleep mid drink she gets up and goes for a wander for a few minutes or so. It works as well as they all want to eat at the same time, and fortunately as she has enough for all of them that is working ok. What’s funny is that it is my Mistress who still wants to be in watching the puppies all the time whereas Shadow wants to start resuming some normal life. I think she may be going for her first little walk later today. She is so excited you just wouldn’t believe it.

My Mistress has been undertaking one of her favourite pass times and buying puppy toys ready for the play stage. There are another two weeks until that happens but it’s best to be prepared, or at least that is what she is saying. A friend of ours in America who breeds Entlebuchers teaches the puppies to sit politely before food, when they move onto solids. It sounds like an excellent idea and, given that five is a much more manageable number than seven was, my Mistress says she is going to give it a go. She is also going to see how possible it is to start house training them really young.  I think she could have done with seeing how her American friend did it before she tries but there’s no harm done if she doesn’t succeed.

I really must do you a mealtime video so that you can hear the noise! It’s going to be good when they get a little bigger and can wear collars at least some of the time so you can work out who is who. I’m looking forward to their eyes starting to open next week. It’s always an exciting time and of course they will start walking too.

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