Saturday 10.30am – weigh in

The weigh in is not late because it’s Saturday. It’s late because Britannia did not want to be weighed. To be fair we were already a little late having collected Megan from kennels, but that meant the puppies were slightly more awake which in turn meant they wouldn’t settle to be weighed. I strongly suspect that are moving to the pillow case and fish scales within the next day or two, although my Mistress was trying to leave that as long as possible. Anyway, to cut a long story short in her disgust at being weighed when she really wanted to eat, Britannia decided to coat my Mistress in puppy poo! In the end to calm her down my Mistress let her have another feed and then waited for her to fall asleep. That did make it easier but it probably means her weight is a little distorted by the extra meal. Boadicea is going for slow but steady weight gain. She has added 46g to reach 688g. The others are all quite a long way ahead. Beethoven added 40g to reach 780g, Bossanova added 56g to reach 788g. Britannia who as I said had an extra meal over the others had added 88g to reach 792g and Bumble is just in the lead at 794g having added 42g.

As you can see the puppies now have their swish new purple vet bed. They all declared it a success and very snuggly, which is the important thing. We’ve lowered the temperature again which made Shadow happier to spend the whole night in with the puppies, which in turn meant my Mistress got a little more sleep.

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