Saturday afternoon

The puppies are now having a big meal about every 2 hours with a little snack in between. It does mean if you are watching on puppy cam live that there are more times you will not see Shadow in the box with them as it gives her chance to go and see what everyone else is doing and to have a little walk round the village. Things will start to get more interesting again about the middle of the weeks as their eyes open and they start to take in their surroundings and begin to take their first faltering steps. Some of them are already trying out their little legs to see if they can take their weight.

You do have to laugh. What do you need most when you are looking after puppies? Ok , there are quite a few things, but it really wasn’t the day for the tumble dryer to pack up. The first load was in, several more loads of washing were ready to go in and there was no heat. Given that it will need to be on every day for the next few weeks and as the puppies grow probably twice a day, then it is rather an essential part of our household. It turns out it’s probably going to be about the same price to replace it as it would be to repair and given we couldn’t have a repair engineer in the room where the puppies are right now, my Master is being despatched to collect the one my Mistress has reserved. She just needs to work out how to remove the old one without disturbing the puppy cam. Viewers may find themselves getting a different angle view for an hour or so while she sorts it all out.

Megan is glad to be home, although it now means she is in the front room with Ari so I need to find somewhere else to rest. There is no way I’m sharing with her. I’m feeling fragile enough as it is.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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