Sunday 9am

It’s been another good night in the small puppy household. It feels even more like Big Brother this year with the camera watching their every move. They don’t even get the dignity of their toilet function not being captured on film. Although, on that subject you may have noticed, if you have been watching closely on full screen, that their poo is very good and is getting larger by the day. Thankfully, Shadow cleans up most of it, but my Mistress is chipping in just occasionally now if there is one Shadow cannot reach, in an attempt to keep the place nice and clean.

You will I’m sure be pleased to hear that we are very happy with the new tumble dryer, which not only takes a bigger load but it much quieter than the old one.  That is good news as it has to do several loads today. Given we’ve had over an inch of rain in the last 24hours there is no chance of hanging it outside.

The puppies are disappointed as they will be back to grey bedding today. We do have some more of the purple, but when it’s new all the fibres come loose and make Shadow cough from cleaning up. My Mistress said it was fairer to Shadow to have a break from the new one today.

I just knew the way she was going I was going to be coming to you with this news. Britannia is now the heaviest. She added 74g yesterday to reach 866g. Boadicea put 74g on too and now weighs762g. She really is Britannia’s ‘little sister’ at this stage. Bumble and Beethoven both added 70g making them 864g and 850g respectively. Bossanova’s was the smallest weight gain with 58g taking him to 846g. When you think that at the same point last year Aristotle only added 26g you will understand why we are so pleased with progress this year.

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