Sunday afternoon

The puppies really do eat until they are so full they simply roll away from Shadow. Then they sleep until their little tummies aren’t quite so full and then they start all over again. I took a lovely picture of Beethoven for you. He’s just delightful. In some ways he reminds my Mistress of Arnie from last year, but she can’t quite explain why. I said it was just that they were both the first-born boys but she is convinced there is something more than that. It will be great when they eventually meet up and we can see them together.

Megan has managed three walks today and says she is feeling a little better for all the attention. She went when my Mistress took Ari for his little walk and again when Shadow went for her little walk and then she got one all to herself with my Master. It was good because my Mistress spent the time she was out cuddled up with me on the settee, which cheered me up to. I’ve asked if I can go to the vet tomorrow. I’m a bit worried about the swelling on my side where Shadow bit me before the pups were born. I think it’s just that the bite coincides with one of my fatty tissue deposits but you can never be too careful.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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