Monday 26th November 2012 – Christmas is Coming

Well it is now less than a month to Christmas. As you can imagine we will not be going away. I don’t think we know anyone who would invite not only the humans but four adult dogs and five puppies. Instead we are expecting a whole string of visitors. My human maternal grandparents have booked in a few days to come and see them all. There is no way they would want to miss seeing the puppies. Ten of course all the future puppy owners will at some point come to see the little dears, quite apart from other friends and family. I want to make their first Christmas really special for the puppies. I’m going to ask if they can have their own tree in their pen, with specially wrapped presents. I can’t really see my Mistress saying yes to the tree but maybe we can find somewhere to put a little one for them.

We can’t really start on putting up our Christmas decorations until my Mistress moves her bed which is in front of the Christmas decorations cupboard in the utility. They will be five weeks old by Christmas. I wonder if they will be ready to try a little bit of turkey.

The newspaper situation here is quite funny. We’ve been saving them for so long that we have hundreds and so far they are not going down very rapidly. However, it is only a matter of time. Given the size of the puppies it won’t be long before they start pooing and peeing for all their worth and the depth of paper and the frequency of changing will have to increase. It’s when they are in the pen that the volume really starts to go down and we’re hoping that this year we will have enough. Mind you, if Megan has her litter at her next season we won’t have as long to save newspapers for so it would probably be a good thing if there were some left.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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