Monday Afternoon

I’ve had a lovely day. I know it involved a trip to the vet but I can cope with that when the reward has been to spend much of it with my Mistress. Our friend Avril has been doing puppy care so that my Mistress could have some time with me. To be honest after an antibiotic injection and the squeezing of puss out of my wound I think I deserve it.

Bumble – A week old

The puppies are doing fine. They can’t get enough of this stardom thing. Today they are taking up about two thirds of a page in the York Press newspaper, although to be fair my photo is in their too. Now we have more photographers coming as a press agency it trying to sell the story nationally. I spend all my life trying to become famous and then Shadow, who doesn’t have an intelligent thought in her head, manages just by having puppies, which, I might add, I was not allowed to do. The injustice is not wasted on me. She has at least apologised for biting me the other day and is glad I will be feeling better soon.

The puppies are already talking excitedly about the sorts of homes they will be going to. When they chatter they sound just like the creatures from the children’s cartoon ‘The Clangers’. Of course, much as that was one of my Mistress’s favourites, she found it a bit much through the night.

You can watch the puppies at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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One Response to Monday Afternoon

  1. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    Well done Alfie for being a brave boy at the Vets. It is not pleasant when they are proding and fiddling with you sore area but you will soon be on the mend now.
    We are loving all the regular updates you are sending and the photos are an added bonus. You are doing a grand job. Shadow is a really good “mum” to the puppies.
    We are pleased to here you are going to be famous and appear in the paper. Let us know if we can see it via a link on the computer. Love to you all Sheila and Mark

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