Monday weigh-in

Well the weigh-in has happened an hour early this morning as I’m having to go to the vet as soon as it opens. You don’t need to worry about me, well not too much anyway. The wound Shadow gave me just over a week ago is clearly infected and became an open weeping wound last night. My Mistress has been asking me whether it was just one of my fatty lumps or whether it hurt and I said I was fine, but clearly I wasn’t. I’ll let you know what they say later.

However, in the meantime the puppies have been munching away and growing. The smallest weight gain was 40g by Beethoven, taking him to 890g and the largest was Bossanova who added 74g to reach 920g, then Britannia who added 72g taking her right up to 938g. At this rate, Britannia is going to be on a diet before she’s even weaned! Boadicea added 42g and Bumble 50g. Somehow I don’t think the two girls are going to look alike when they are adults.

You can tell looking closely at their eyes that it won’t be long until they open. It’s almost as though they are trying to blink but with their eyelids still sealed. Any day now one of them is going to blink and surprise itself as the world starts coming into focus. I wonder if it will be a day they have the purple bedding and what they’ll make of it if it is the first thing they see. Of course apart from Shadow and my Mistress the next thing they are going to see is a camera pointing at them!

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