Tuesday 27th November 2012 – Shadow and the Photographer

Yesterday didn’t end up quite as peacefully as it began. It all started when the photographer called to take pictures of the puppies. He was clearly not a dog person and unlike the other visitors so far, Shadow took an instant dislike to him. I think if he could have left he would have done, but he did his best to take the photos to the accompaniment of growling. It rather put her on edge and despite my Mistress doing everything possible to calm her down there was another incident in which I came in the firing line. If I had not been to the vets yesterday for an antibiotic injection I would have been going today for my torn ear! To be fair it is only a nick but it hurts and there was a lot of blood. I have now made it clear that I will not spend any time around either of the girls for a very long time. I’d had such a lovely time with my Mistress that it really spoilt it.

While the photographer was here those watching on webcam thought the puppies were having a disco because of all the flashing lights. I’m just glad their eyes haven’t opened yet as it might have been a bit of a shock. Once he’d gone and Shadow had chance to count, wash and feed her babies she relaxed again. It’s all been very difficult for her being a celebrity. This is the link to the piece our local paper did. My Mistress was a bit cross as they have totally made up what happened between Megan and the stud dog. It wasn’t like that at all. They got on brilliantly. We just think that Megan doesn’t get pregnant because Shadow is the alpha female. I’m certainly not arguing with her position in the house, although my Mistress says I ought to. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/ryedale/10070499.They_call_it_puppy_love/

Today should be a much quieter day – at least in theory. My Mistress is not going to do any more interviews in the next couple of weeks. Not only is it hard on Shadow but she only has a limited amount of time she can spend on them.

You can watch the puppies at http://www.dogsclub.tv/live-puppy-cam

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