Wednesday afternoon

Whilst I know you want to hear all about the puppies’ day, my first piece of news is about Aristotle. As you know he’s a very bright dog. Because of his bad leg he hasn’t been able to do much lead walking and so hasn’t got the hang of walking at heel. He tries to bound along while attached to my Mistress and is strong enough to take her with him. Anyway, since his swimming has strengthened his leg muscles he is able to go for little walks and as my Mistress was on her own with him today she decided it was time he learnt to walk at heel, nicely in the lead. For the first few hundred yards when he got ahead of himself she reeled the lead in and made him do a circle around her back until he came back to the heel position. By the time he got to the end of our road he had totally understood what she was driving at and all she had to do was say ‘Uh huh’ and he’d drop his speed and come back to heel. It took the girls ages to learn that one and I’m not even going to begin to comment on my lead behaviour. Now I know it’s only one day and he needs to remember by tomorrow but if he keeps his training up at that rate he’ll be the most obedient dog in the household.

Bumble Day 10

The puppies had a frustrating morning. Shadow just wouldn’t settle and so they were feeling quite hungry. Every time she went in and they got a smell of milk and woke up all excited, she’d get out again because she’s heard another noise. By lunchtime my Mistress was getting very fraught and sat with her for a while. Then she took her for a little walk and after that Shadow began to relax and the puppies were able to eat their fill and roll into little piles of happy puppies.

My Mistress thinks Bumble’s face is going to look rather like Aristotle’s. He’ll be a very handsome boy if he does. All the girls love Ari. I‘d hope Bumble gets to be a stud dog. It is possible that he will but we need to wait to see if his tail curls and if he’s ok in all other regards.

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  1. Sheila and Mark Leighton says:

    Well done Ari, keep up the training! Thank you for the close up of Bumble, he is a handsome boy. It will be great when we can identify them all on the web cam.Maybe you can sneak in too one day Alfie. Sheila and Mark.

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