Thursday weigh in

Well the first night without roll bars and my Mistress got even less sleep worrying about them. There was one point at which Shadow seemed to sit on one but my Mistress rescued him and checked him over to make sure he was ok. It will get easier as they get a bit bigger and can fend for themselves but my Mistress is still feeling very protective of them. Having got them this far she really doesn’t want to lose any of them now.

You will be pleased to hear that Britannia has tempered her weight gain and only added 30g yesterday so is now 1130g. Beethoven added 100g and aught her up, while Bossanova’s 70g gain took him into the lead at 1140g.  Bumble is not far behind, his 70g gain took him to 1100g and then even with another 50g gain Boadicea is still back at 1010g. She has at least passed the kilogram. However when you think that at this stage Aristotle was only 628g you will realise what a big difference there is. He and Dora didn’t reach a kilogram for another nine days! We’re running five days ahead of the heaviest.

I have pointed out to my Mistress why some of them seem to sing. It’s all her fault. If you are going to call two of the boys Beethoven and Bossanova you start a bit of a musical tradition. The others are just trying to live up to it.

I’ve written quite a lot about Bumble, Bossanova and Britannia. I shall start to tell you more about Beethoven and Boadicea this afternoon. It’s funny, my human paternal grandparents are worried that my Mistress is getting too attached to Bumble but she says there is nothing to worry about. They will all be going to good home and we won’t be keeping any of them. To be honest, given what a hard time I’m having at the moment I was quite glad to hear that too.

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