Friday 30th November 2012 – A Quieter Day

Yesterday was a much quieter day and all of us appreciated it. My Mistress was tired enough from the previous night without us all playing her up, so the peace was much appreciated. She even got chance to take her wedding ring to a shop for repair while we were being looked after. I think she’s planning to start the furniture moving to set up the big pen this weekend. She is hoping to find a way to make it the maximum size so that they have plenty of space to run around as they grow. They won’t move to it for another week but it’s good to be prepared.

Aristotle will be resuming his swimming soon. He’s not too thrilled but says he does understand why he needs it as yesterday on his walk he was limping rather so he’s having a day off today to give his leg a rest. He was still doing very well at understanding how to walk at heel so it’s shame he has to have a break.

Megan is saying she wants to help with the puppies. She’s offering to sit with them so they aren’t on their own and wash them as necessary. She says she’d really like to have some of her own and it’s made her realise how much she wants to be a mum too. We are just hoping that she can become pregnant in the spring as it would probably do her good.

Shadow is likely to get very excited tonight as her real human is coming to visit her. James is living with his mum now, but Shadow misses him dreadfully. If you see her smiling on camera tonight you will know why. She will be one very happy dog.

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