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In the news today: Of all the days for the puppy cam to stop transmitting. Beethoven started walking.  He was the first one that we saw taking a few faltering steps. It was a wonderful achievement for the little fellow. It won’t be long before they are all running around and falling down at intervals. The others are all trying too but Beethoven was first. By the time you read this the puppy cam may be back on, we certainly hope so. We’re still waiting on our first eye opening, but it can’t be far away.

My Mistress has brought Shadow’s bed into the room so that when she isn’t feeding the puppies she can go to sleep without the risk of sitting on one. It means that my Mistress gets a better sleep too, she just has to wake up every two hours when the puppies ask to be fed. It’s funny, it’s the same as last year. It’s my Mistress who wakes up and then has to wake Shadow. Shadow would sleep right through given half a chance. She is never at her most keen to get out of a comfortable bed at 2 in the morning, even if her puppies are crying.

Everyone is still gaining weight. Britannia and Bossanova are now neck-a-neck on 1200g, having gained 70g and 60g respectively. Bumble is only just behind on 1190g having gained an amazing 90g. Beethoven and Boadicea added 30g each. Boadicea is only 1040g so quite a long way behind the others. My Mistress is trying to make sure she always finds a teat first when it’s feeding time. Beethoven is 1160g and as he added so much the previous day my Mistress is not concerned about him.

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