Saturday 1st December 2012 – Breakages and breakdowns

It’s always the last person to use something that breaks that gets the blame. We are going through a phase of lots of things wearing out. To be fair the vacuum cleaner has a lot to deal with and it was eight and a half years old. The tumble dryer works hard and it was seven years old. The shower in the ensuite has never been right since we moved in and certainly isn’t getting any better, but poor Aristotle has got the blame for the latest problem. The material on the settee cushion was almost worn through. It was a bit like playing musical chairs, someone was going to be responsible for a hole appearing and it wasn’t going to be long. Poor Aristotle, he’s said he’s sorry and he really didn’t mean to put his paw through it. He was only chewing a chew and a hole just appeared. The settee is ten years old and has seen some heavy duty wear. My Mistress hit on the idea of swapping the covers round so that the hole was on the bottom and it would have been a good idea if the zips hadn’t gone as she tried to do them back up. To be fair it is the same settee that Shadow ate a cushion from when we first moved into this house when she was still a puppy. My Mistress patched the lining with an old sheet and restuffed all the filling inside, but she had to sew that cushion cover so it isn’t going to be easy to change when the new covers arrive.  They say things happen in threes and as that is number four we are now either expecting another two things to go wrong to bring it to six or more probably another five so that we reach the square of three. I’m going to be extra careful so that I can’t be blamed for anything.

My Mistress has just pointed out that there was her wedding ring as well, so we are already up to 5 in just a couple of weeks.

She has also updated me to say that the plumber managed to come already and thinks he’s fixed the shower. That was the good news. She then sanded the dining room ceiling to check that there is no more leakage and ready to repaint it. Sadly it was wetter than she realised and she put her hand through the dining room ceiling, that’s the bad news.

Ah well, at least the puppies are doing well and we are now preparing for their move to the pen. It won’t happen yet, but today the furniture is being moved round and tomorrow the pen will be built. I wonder if anything else is going to get broken in the process.

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