Saturday afternoon

The puppies are getting to the stage where my Mistress finds them hard to resist. She just wants to pick them up and cuddle them. They really are growing beautifully and so far all seem to have lovely gentle temperaments. Shadow is such a good mother. I think my Mistress has reached the conclusion that she would eventually like to keep one of Shadow’s puppies to go on breeding after Shadow has to finish, presuming there is a girl suitable from Shadow’s last litter. That decision is a couple of years away though and a lot can change in that time. It’s amazing to thing this litter are nearly two weeks old already.

We did buy them some puppy porridge to move onto as their first step in weaning, but my Mistress needs to ring the company to find what is in it. It just says cereal on the ingredients and given the problems that some of them had last year with wheat we are anxious not to give them anything that will be bad for their little tummies. The wheat intolerance definitely came from Shadow so there is a risk that these will have it too.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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