Sunday afternoon

From tomorrow there will be just two updates a day. We’ll still tell you all the developments, but my Mistress says she really needs to get some more work done so won’t be able to help me with the uploads. It would be easier if the puppies would stick to a timetable, but of course at 2 weeks old that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Last night at one point they slept for four hours without demanding a feed, unless my Mistress was just too sound asleep to hear them. However, they have made up for it this morning wanting Shadow to join them every hour or so rather than the slightly longer intervals they had progressed to. Shadow to give her her due has been ready to run to them whenever they have cried today, although mainly to look at them and give them a wash, she’s getting less keen on feeding them. She wants her figure back for one thing and is fed up of being all saggy.  It wouldn’t be so bad but sometimes she forgets and starts running and then finds it all very uncomfortable.

I think the tiredness is starting to show with my Mistress and she is feeling a bit jaded with the world. It isn’t helping that she feels she has been neglecting the rest of us, but she’s doing her best. It will all get a lot easier in another week when the puppies move to the pen. Then my Mistress can be with us most of the time again and life will return a little more to normal. When they start moving onto solids it helps too as we start to get a bit more of a timetable.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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