Sunday Weigh in and Boadicea

It is getting harder to tell Bumble and Beethoven apart, except for Beethoven’s nose being slightly more brown on one side they have become increasingly similar,  even down to the few white hairs on the shoulder and now size as well. Bumble is 1280g having gained 40g and Beethoven is 1270g having gained 80g. Bossanova is 1280g as well and Britannia 1290 – so there are only 20g between the four of them. Boadicea only added 30g yesterday so she is still only 1140g, but she’s still doing well and my Mistress has totally fallen in love with her. She’s got a very pretty face.

Boadicea looks at the world

Eyes are opening slowly. A number of them have half open eyes, but there are still no others fully open. Boadicea has been having a bit of a look around in much the way that Aristotle did when his eyes opened. I think that is why my Mistress has been falling in love with her, she seems the quiet thoughtful type.

According to the sheet my Mistress uses she only needs to weigh them once a week now, but where’s the fun in that? My Mistress likes the opportunity to give them each a cuddle and check them over. It was more essential last year as they were still struggling to gain weight, but she’d not planning to stop the daily weigh ins just yet.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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