Tuesday Midday

The good news is the puppies all seem stable. We have weight gains again. They aren’t in the clear, but they are less of a worry than yesterday. The bad news is that Shadow says she really does not feel well. She’s only going in to feed them at all because our Mistress is making her. She does have some milk so it is better than it was, but she’s very tired and not eating properly yet. My Mistress has cooked her some turkey and rice whish she did eat some of but is still not keen to eat too much. At least following her injection at the vet’s she has not been sick again. She says she’d just like to sleep it off for a day or two without interruption but it isn’t that simple. The puppies are definitely not as keen on formula milk as on their mother’s and my Mistress can only get them to take it when they get really hungry. I think my Mistress is planning to see if they would like to try a little puppy mush later on today. Last year’s litter took to puppy mush very well even at this age so it’s worth a go. It means soaking the dry food in hot water then when it has absorbed it all putting it through a sieve so there are no lumps. I can honestly say it is not that appetising to humans and my Mistress hates the smell, but to us dogs it is food and that’s always good.

I thought I’d bring you a photo of Beethoven looking a little brighter. He seems stronger on his legs again too, which is a good sign. The puppies walking is coming on nicely – when they are awake and all eyes are open now – again, when they are awake.

So today’s weights are Bossanova, who totally got the lapping of puppy formula, 1430g an increase of 70g! Britannia, who isn’t that keen on formula and is too lazy to lap, 1420g an increase of 40g. Bumble, who will lap a little when really desperate, 1350g, an increase of 30g. Beethoven, who was given lots of special attention, 1300g, an increase of 60g and Boadicea, who totally got the lapping if she needed more food, 1270g, an increase of 50g.

You can watch the puppies at http://www.dogsclub.tv/live-puppy-cam

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind alfie@alfiedog.me.uk

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00583ZGSA

You can find short stories to read at www.alfiedog.com

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