Wednesday midday – The Wind Had Died Down

Well I am delighted to say that Shadow is showing signs of improvement. She is more alert this morning, which says she’s feeling better in herself, but from my Mistress’s point of view the best is that her severe and very unpleasant wind has stopped. None of us has had wind like that since I picked up some poison when I was about a year old. That was a very bad smell. Mine lasted for about 3 days, so we should be grateful that Shadow’s has only been a couple. It’s bad when you can smell her from a completely different room in the house! She’s also eating a little more, but is still on a special diet to aid her recovery.  It also means she has enough milk again for the puppies so that is making life a lot less stressful. There have been no massive weight gains but they’ve all added between 40g and 50g. Britannia and Bossanova are 1470g, Bumble is 1400g, Beethoven 1340g and Boadicea 1320g. Beethoven is the only one who has been set back by the whole episode, but he’ll soon make it up. What is funny is that my Mistress is getting to the point where she can pick up a puppy and know what the scales are going to say before she even weighs the puppy. She was right on 4 out of 5 this morning and only out by a small amount on the fifth. I’m not sure it’s a useful skill to have, unless the scales break, but there you are.

You can also tell the puppies are developing in a couple of other ways. Firstly, they can now effectively pee their way through the vet bed and 5 sheets of newspapers. We’ve moved to six sheets deep today, but the next step will see them being changed twice daily. This is where the mountain of newspaper we have collected begins to go down rather faster.  Then wait and see how much we need when they move up to the big pen on Sunday. The move is planned for late Sunday afternoon. It is possible that there will be an interruption of service for a short while on the camera, but if it goes smoothly it will be minutes. If it doesn’t it will be a couple of hours, but hopefully not more.

There are lots of new things to watch with the puppies. Not only are all their eyes open and they have started walking around (and falling over) but they are doing little things like washing themselves and each other and their mum. It is so cute to watch as they learn how to live as they get older. There’s a little more climbing going on too and they aren’t far off playing. It’s exciting times in the Little Puppy Household.

The picture is Bossanova today.

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