Thursday Midday

The puppies can climb. All of a sudden they have gone from trying to walk to trying to climb out of the pen. For the first time we have really needed the extra part of the doorway in place to make sure none of them go for a wander. Of course for most of the time it’s not a problem as they are asleep, but if Shadow isn’t quick when they start calling for food they start an expedition party to go in search of her.

Today’s weight gains are between 40g and 70g so starting to get back on track. Britannia and Bossanova have now passed the 1.5kg mark. Britannia is still in the lead at 1530g, Bossanova is 1520g. Bumble only added 40g so he is 1440g, while Beethoven is making up for lost time by adding 70g to bring him up to 1410g. Boadicea isn’t far behind, she added 60g to make 1380g.

The puppies can definitely hear now. The alarm went off on my Mistress’s phone this morning and the puppies used the opportunity to stretch and ask to be fed.  To be fair they are using every opportunity to ask to be fed, but they definitely reacted to the alarm.

Shadow is still not well. She is improving but she’s not ready to go back to her normal food or to be quite as alert and active as normal.

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