Friday 7th December – A bit of a round-up

Aristotle was no more happy to go swimming yesterday having had a three week break than he was before. He was made to work hard too and he was less than thrilled about it. Megan’s new boots have arrived so she has no excuse not to go out walking in all weathers. She’s actually please but just wishes that she would stop hurting herself and not need them. She says the pink clashes with her fur and they should make some to match her markings. Shadow is still improving slowly. She’s eating more and even beginning to eat some of her normal food, which is a relief to my Mistress. She’s still got wind, which is not so much of a relief to us and although she doesn’t feel very well still, she is getting better very slowly. She threw a bit of a paddy yesterday and didn’t want to feed the puppies. She just wasn’t in the mood, but my Mistress had to explain to her that it simply doesn’t work that way and it wasn’t optional. It’s not as though any of the rest of us could do it for her.

The puppies are getting ever more playful. Although they are still sleeping for most of the time they aren’t eating, there are now a few minutes of activity here and there. It’s so fun to watch them. From three weeks old the pups will start to get visitors every so often. It’s good for them to meet new people and can be fun for us too. Although it can get a bit much too. They are all looking forward to meeting their new humans. You should hear them talking amongst themselves wondering what their homes will be like. It’s still early days, but it’s exciting for them. They have got so many new things over the next week or two that we need to make sure it isn’t all too much. The playpen will be first, then there are their collars to try. I can still remember last year’s arguments over who would have which colour. Then there’s puppy food and some basic training. Oh it’s going to be exciting and in amongst all that we have to fit Christmas and various house guests. When it’s all over I think I might need a holiday. Just my Mistress and me. Somewhere quiet where we can sit in front of a fire and do nothing.

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Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

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