Saturday 8th December 2012 – Mealtimes are interesting.

My Mistress is having all sorts of problems convincing Shadow that she really does want to feed the puppies. If you saw the scratches on my Mistress’s arm from holding the puppies back to give Shadow chance to lie down you would have some sympathy with Shadow’s position. I think a trip to the vet for some claw clipping may be in order, although once they are running around in their new pen they may start to wear them down a bit or at the very least take the edge of the sharpness.

At last we are getting to longer interval between feeds. We had got there last weekend but then with Shadow being ill everything went awry again. The same thing happened last year. At the moment my Mistress would kill for a four hour block of sleep at night! Yesterday feeds had stretched out to at least two and a half hour intervals so we have made a lot of progress in the last couple of days.

If you have chance to be watch the puppy cam at feed times the puppy mush progress is quite entertaining.  Puppy mush seems to be the latest fashion accessory with all puppies and my Mistress wearing it in liberal quantities. All five of them have the chance to try a little at each of their daytime feeds. Some eat it, some walk in it and on one unfortunate occasion Beethoven sat in it and got a bit of a surprise.

What is really funny is that now there is a little more time away from the puppies you’d think that my Mistress would be please and happily getting on with other things. However, you’d be wrong. I found her watching them on the puppy cam even though she was sat at her desk and having a break. I think she’s addicted. She’s going to miss them when they go to their homes.

You can watch the puppies at

Alfie Dog with a little help from Rosemary J Kind

Alfie’s Diary – the Book is available at Amazon UK –

You can find short stories to read at

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